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Customer Service


Our multicultural, multilingual sales team is more than happy to attend your inquiries in German, English and Spanish. 


We are available 24 hours a day via phone or our what’s app service line, working towards the goal of satisfying all of our customer's needs, requirements and specifications regarding the commerce of premium fresh fruits, vegetables and tubers, as well as our semi-processed products.


Logistics Services


Our logistic collaborators are highly experienced in the transport of perishable products, paying special attention to a constant temperature control during transport, handling and storage of our merchandise.

We supply to our markets via maritime or air transport and work with FOB & CIF incoterms. Countries or regions to which we export: 


Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico, USA, Canada, Morocco, among others.


Customized Solutions


We provide fast and special solutions upon individual requirements, such as:

- Special packaging – any type of packaging as per request.


- Individual labelling – any type of labelling as per request.


- Customized Orders - We offer the option of customized clients’ orders including other exotic fruits and vegetables in season

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