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About IEC


IEC EXPORTS is a family-owned Dominican wholesale company that specializes in the commercialization of premium fresh exotic fruits, vegetables and tubers, as well as premium semi processed foods like peeled tubers and frozen fruit pulp.


The company was founded 2018 with the idea to promote the agricultural richness of the Dominican Republic and to provide foreign markets with our premium exotic fruits, vegetables and tubers. 

In 2021, we decided to focus on value-adding-processes within our existing supply chains, creating products like our peeled and vacuum-packed tubers (fresh or frozen) as well as our frozen fruit pulps. 


At IEC, we highly value consistency in terms of quality, integrity and sustainability throughout our supply chain as well as providing excellent service for our customers.


This is why, we carefully selected our over 100 suppliers and exclusively promote Dominican products to ensure high quality, sustainable growing methods, traceability and fair working conditions. 

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Our mission is to position ourselves as a trusted trader of agricultural products in the Dominican Republic, as well as committing to, and taking full advantage of our strengths:


“Quality, Integrity & Sustainability”

for your supply chain.


Our vision is to promote the Agricultural richness of the Dominican Republic throughout the world as “The Best of Caribbean’s Nature” and simultaneously contribute to a long-term, economically sustainable development of our supplier’s communities.

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"We value quality in every aspect of our daily operation"


"We firmly believe in honesty, transparency and strong moral principles as basics for establishing fruitful relationships"


"We promote the usage of sustainable and fair agricultural practices among our suppliers"


"We believe and exercise mutual respect, equality and diversity"


"United in one idea; 

to share with the world The Best of Caribbean’s Nature"

Our Team

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Alejandro Miguel González

Founder & CEO

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Daniela Schwade

Exports Manager

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Marta González Pratt

Marketing Manager

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Natividad González Pratt


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