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Premium Semi-processed

Natural Fruit Pulps Puree

Passion Fruit, Mamey, Guava, Tamarind, Soursop, Watermelon, Mango, Cherry,

Papaya, Lemon, Strawberry, Pineapple, Coconut and Fruit Punch.

Fruit Pulp_edited.png


50 lb (22.67 kg) box with 4 bags in box of 12.5 lb (5.66 kg)
45 lb (20.41 kg) box with 6 bags in box of 7.5 lb (3.40 kg)
Under contract: we can produce 330 ml, 0.5 L, 1.0 L, 1.5 L or 3 L formats.


Frozen, pasteurized, with or without sugar.
This product shelf life is about 1 year.


A blender, water and sweetening according to your taste, is all you need.
It can be consume in juices, smoothies, ice cream, among others. Water ratio is 2 x 1.

 Plátano Vació 3.png

Green Plantain Pulp

Plantain Hartón 3/4 - The authentic Caribbean flavor


40 lb (18.14 kg) box with 4 vacuum sealed bags of 10 lb (4.53 kg) (Calibre 80 - 85)
40 lb (18.14 kg) box with 2 vacuum sealed bags of 20 lb (9.07 kg) (Calibre 80 - 85)


Class A, fresh and whole, pealed, bathed in antioxidant solution and vacuum sealed.
20 to 25 days of shelf life, after arriving. 


It can be consumed boiled, fried (tostones), mashed, among others.
This product is ready to cook.

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